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Marbella in Style is one of the leading companies catering Marbella since 2008. Our team of experts catering in Marbella is devoted to generating the best experience for our customers through the creation of a fantastic catering service, including: wedding catering, private party catering, corporate events caterers, dinner party catering and catering chefs.

Regardless of the type of event you are planning to hold we put at your disposal a professional team of catering in Marbella that will make your event a remarkable experience for you and your guests. Whether it is a barbecue party, beach party or even a sophisticated wedding, we have available for you an experienced team of chefs and waiters/waitress that strive to deliver top quality catering with a charming service. There are also other options available for you: buffet a more casual option of meal service or plated, where each guest is individually served.

Catering services in Marbella

Our main goal is to ensure that you receive a catering service that exceed your expectations and is a complete success for you and your guests. We offer top quality food and an impeccable and extremely professional catering in Marbella and Costa del Sol. Our team of caterers Marbella is experienced in creating different ideas and proposals that better adapt to your needs and budget.

We provide specialized and complete services regarding catering events in Marbella in different areas:

  • Wedding catering
  • Corporate Catering
  • Private Parties Catering
  • Themed catering
  • Catering Chefs
  • Bar Catering

Wedding Catering

When choosing a catering for such an special day, we deliver outstanding culinary options to leave both you and your guests impressed. Our own team of wedding catering Marbella have created and served a varied list of excellent menus and dishes. Let our chefs know your tastes so that they elaborate a proposal according to your tastes and budget. We are also proud to offer you an experienced team of wedding planners that work closely with our own team of catering, this way we are proud to develop an outstanding service with the main goal of making your wedding day be the most astonishing experience possible.

Each couple has their own tastes and preferences, our catering for wedding in Marbella will attend and provide them with different cocktails and menus that better suit their needs.

Corporate Catering

When it comes to corporate events Marbella in Style is in charge of every detail regarding the catering so everything runs placidly. Our event planners and chefs are experts in creating a proposal that better suit the intention of the event, elaborating an exquisite menu according to your budget. We know companies work with limited budgets for this events so we are flexible and we are confident we can provide top quality catering service.

Organising a corporate event can seem like an incredibly overwhelming task, we know how stressful this can be, contact our professional team of catering for events in Marbella and leave your event catering in our professional hands.

Private Party Catering

The day for your party is coming, whether it is a birthday party, engagement parties, wedding anniversaries, beach party, barbecue party, paella party, argentinean roast or a more sophisticated cuisine, let our private catering Marbella team help you impressing your guests. No matter what the number of your guests is or the atmosphere of the event, we offer an extremely flexible and experienced catering service that better adapts to your needs. There is a wide array of tiny details that make the difference and create an outstanding private party, our experienced team will be honoured to help you creating an engaging party.

When looking in Marbella catering for events, our team will be pleased to help you organising the perfect gourmet experience.

Themed Catering

Great Gatsby, Casino Royale, cuban party, white party, for each various party there is a personalized catering. Our experienced chefs are in charge of preparing a selection of funny and creative menus for this unique occasions that will fascinate your guests.

Furthermore, if required our team of event planners can offer their experience to help you planning and decorating your party so that it is mixed with an outstanding catering which contributes to creating a delightful party.

Catering Chefs

This culinary option creates an exclusive ambience where our team of chef and waiters, based on your requirements and tastes, elaborates tasteful menus that amaze your guests. Our chefs have worked in the finest properties of Marbella and Costa del Sol, they carefully select the ingredients and are responsible of preparing brilliant dishes and menus based on your tastes.

Also, our team take care of shopping and managing the kitchen while keeping it organized and clean after enjoying a brilliant cuisine.

Bar Catering

We offer an integral service of bar catering; from a team of waiters with experience in multiple events to the construction of different bars structures customized according to the type of event, location, space, budget and tastes of each different customer. Our most demanded bars are stainless steel bars which are made in different shapes, providing a sophisticated touch to your event. There are also other type of engaging bars available upon request.

Our catering service in Marbella and Costa del Sol will help you with planning, preparing different delicious proposals according to your tastes, culinary restrictions and budgets.


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