Summer is the season of the year to enjoy the time outdoors, going to the beach, having barbecues with friends, boat trips, practising watersports and attending to parties.

Summer parties in Marbella are famous and recognised all around Europe. Since Prince Alfonso de Hohenlohe made the area well-reputed back in the 50s by inviting the european aristocrats to his parties in Marbella, now there is a whole successful industry around this.

Birthday parties, pool parties, beach parties, rooftop parties…Throwing a party is fun and easy if counting with the right event professionals in Marbella.

40th Birthday Ibiza Style Party

Celebrated in a private villa in Marbella, this party is a great mix of event professionals of all kinds: djs, professional sound equipment, dancers, lighting, fire dancers, etc. As you may see the lighting in this event is a key element that together with the electronic music create a special atmosphere.

60th Birthday White Party

This 60th birthday party celebrated by the pool in a private villa in Marbella includes everything our client needed for the event: furniture and stage, a band playing live music, lighting and sound equipment. The white outfit along with the decoration and a fresh catering gave the party such an special summer atmosphere.

Great Gatsby Party

Bringing back the old American 20s, the atmosphere of this party breathes the Gatsby times. Music, waiters` uniform, decoration, food and drinks, all set with a Gatsby flare.

Yacht Party

Although with some space restrictions, this Spanish theme party celebrated on a 82m yacht was a perfect introduction for our clients to Spain. The party included a flamenco show with musicians playing the spanish guitar and flamenco dancers, a venenciador pouring spectacular sherry wine and a professional carver of Spanish ham. Everything was set to give the event the Spanish atmosphere required.