The sunny paradise of Marbella in the Andalusia region of Spain is sure to be the highlight of any trip to the Costa Del Sol. Still, for those who plan on staying in the area for longer than a few nights, there are a ton of awesome day trips that are well worth seeing and can make your trip that much more memorable.

In this article, we will go over everything you need to know about how to plan a day trip from Marbella; we’ll give an overview of the region, talk about the five best day trips from Marbella, and offer some great tips on traveling in the area.

Cultural and historical background of Andalusia

Bordered by the Sierra Blanca mountains on one side and the Mediterranean sea on the other, Marbella and the surrounding region has long been a cultural hub popular with locals, but these days the word is out, and more and more people are discovering the charm of Andalusia.

Thanks to its idyllic climate, beautiful natural setting, picturesque coastline, and a rich cultural heritage spanning more than 2000 years, Marbella, and indeed Andalusia as a whole, is now beginning to attract tourists looking to enjoy the sun while soaking in an authentic Spanish port town.

Marbella has been on the radar of the super-rich for years, and the area is certainly no stranger to luxury yachts and billionaires, but these days there is plenty to see and do for everyone regardless of age or budget, so without further ado, let’s look at five of the very best day trips from Marbella so that you can find one or two that will be perfect for you.

The 5 Best Day Trips From Marbella

Keep in mind that there are a ton of other tours and day trips from Marbella, but these five, in particular, stand out from the crowd as being the very best day trips in the region.

1. Mijas

Mijas is a picturesque village not far from Marbella, and as such, it makes an ideal day trip. With cobblestone streets, whitewashed buildings, and all of the old-world charm you can handle, the  Mijas tour, is an easy day trip that you don’t want to miss out on when you visit Marbella. Highlights of the tour include a chocolate workshop and tapas tasting.

2. Jerez

The village of Jerez is famous for producing some of the very best wines in all of Spain, and this private tour of Jerez is a great way to see that process in action. A sherry wine tasting tour, the trip to Jerez is one that’s sure to be both fun and educational at the same time. Highlights of this tour include a traditional lunch in a typical Andalusian bodega, a private guided tour of a sherry wine cellar, and of course, plenty of wine tasting.

3. Seville

Throughout the 16th century, Seville was one of the most powerful and populous urban centers in all of Europe, and the remnants of that time have been well preserved throughout the ancient streets of the city. When you think of Seville picture flamenco dancing, bullfighting, and Spanish guitar, then you’ll have a good idea of what this charming Spanish city has to offer. Highlights of the tour of Seville include a guided walking tour of the city and an authentic local dining experience for lunch.

4. Malaga

One of the most beautiful cities in Spain, possibly in the World, Malaga is known for its stunning natural scenery, beaches, and laid-back atmosphere. If you feel like escaping from Marbella for a day, and you want to enjoy some white sand beaches, then the Malaga tour is without a doubt one of the best day trips you can take in Andalusia, after all, it’s the capital of the Costa Del Sol region for a reason.

5. Tangier

Tangier, on the Mediterranean coast of Morocco in North Africa, is a vibrant city known for its bohemian vibe, mint tea, and friendly locals. So, if you want to check another continent off your bucket list, absorb a ton of culture, and try some of the best cuisine in the world, then consider the tour of a day trip to Tangier from Marbella.

The Benefits of Booking a tour of Andalusia with Marbella in Style

Marbella in Style is the leader in tours and day trips in Andalusia. So, let’s go over a few of the reasons for why you should book your excursions with Marbella in Style.

Private & tailor-made itineraries

Having a private tour that’s completely built around you and what you want to do is the best way to experience any region. By being able to see and do exactly what you want to do, you can create the memories that you and your loved ones have always dreamed of.

No huge groups on your tour

Most tour companies pack as many tourists into their buses as they possibly can, but this isn’t actually the best way to give people an authentic experience. With Marbella in Style, you can count on having a small group size so that each member of the tour will get to ask plenty of questions and have one on one time with the guides.

The tour is adapted to your pace and preferences

Bespoke tours, such as those offered by Marbella in Style, are designed to match your pace and cater to your own unique preferences; therefore, you’ll never need to feel rushed to capture photos, eat a meal, or when relaxing on the beach, you’ll have all the time you want to experience the area on your own terms but while in great hands.

Private guided visits to the most emblematic places in Andalusia

Marbella and the surrounding cities are without a doubt one of the highlights of Europe, and when you book a tour with Marbella in Style, you’ll be able to visit all of the most iconic, culturally significant, and historical landmarks and monuments in the area, which will lead to a richer, more authentic experience.


Marbella is a gorgeous port town in the Andalusia region of Spain. The area is rich with history, culture, beautiful scenery, things to do and of course, some of the best beaches in the world. That said, travellers staying in the area for longer than a few days can enhance their trip by exploring some of the gorgeous nearby cities such as Seville, Malaga, or Tangiers. Also, travellers visiting Marbella should check out Marbella in Style – the leaders in custom tours and day trips in Andalusia.