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Your dream wedding is here and what better than celebrate it in Marbella. Marbella in Style offers you an experienced team of wedding planners in Marbella with passion and expertise in creating unique and bespoke weddings in Marbella and Costa del Sol. Marbella in Style is a Marbella wedding planner specialist, from small intimate gatherings to large and lavish weddings, our team of wedding planner Marbella strive to deliver out of the box weddings in accordance with the tastes and requirements of our couples.

Marbella in Style main goal is making your wedding day an exclusive, unique and unforgettable experience that eclipse all expectations. 

Our team of Marbella wedding planners have gained experience since 2008 celebrating outstanding weddings. Now we are proud to provide you with a full package to make your wedding a complete success: event planning, organization, venue proposals, entertainment, catering, decoration and styling. Our team of creators, designers and decorators will make your wedding an unforgettable party for both you and your guests.

As part of the full package, Marbella in Style also has its own catering service, we can offer you an integral and exclusive service covering both the organizational and aesthetic aspects as well as the culinary ones. Our chefs have worked for years in well-known and reputed restaurants in Marbella and Costa del Sol so they know how to adapt their excellent cuisine to your tastes and preferences creating a varied list of cocktails and menus made with the finest natural ingredients.

There are multiple aspects that have to be taken into account for having a successful wedding:

  • Wedding planning
  • Wedding catering
  • Wedding decoration and styling
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Marbella in Style wedding planners will assist you with the all the planning regarding your wedding. As for every project there is a timeline that has to be followed ensuring that everything runs gradually without unpleasant surprises and within a planned timing. We are proud to deliver top quality weddings according to the budget our couples have.

When sourcing for suppliers and an extraordinary venue, our team of wedding planners have extensive experience in making your dream wedding a reality. Marbella in Style has a large network of suppliers and experience that will help you in finding the ones that better suit your needs. There are also available for our customers a wide array of amazing villas and amazing locations throughout Costa del Sol where our couples can celebrate their marriage. In our wedding planning agenda there is also available for couples a portfolio of creative ideas that will serve you to pick ideas from.

Apart from the internal aspects, we also provide concierge services as part of the whole wedding planning service for your guests.


When choosing us for celebrating your wedding, we also have available for you our own catering team composed of an experienced team of passionate chefs and waiters/waitress that strive to deliver top quality catering with a friendly service.

Wedding food is an essential part of an outstanding staging of the wedding. Every aspect of the event: from the venue, decoration and styling, to wedding food are all important to wow your guests. Our experienced team of chefs has gathered experience working in the most reputed restaurants in Marbella and Costa del Sol and are familiar creating cocktails and menus specially elaborated for our couples.

Some of our most demanded menus are: raw bar filled with oysters, crab legs and large shrimps, modern sushi stations, rustic pizza stations, bread-and-cheese and charcuterie station, cheese-and-prosciutto with assorted fruits, taco bar with fresh toppings, cheese boards, burger station, olive oil and bread tasting station.

Among our catering services, we also provide: corporate catering, private parties catering, theme catering, private chef and bar catering.


Our wedding planner and designer teams are involved in the aesthetic concepts and staging of your wedding. According to your individual tastes and budget they create an atmosphere which perfectly reflects the concept of wedding you want to convey. Our designers are experts in creating an ideal emotional arena made with the latest wedding trends.

From the first stage of creating your dream wedding, we discuss with you multiple stylish portfolios including ideas for: design, style, entertainment and catering. As part of the process, we send our couples a selection of concepts and ideas made exclusively to exceed your expectations.

We will fill in many other details like the ceremony and reception design, couture wedding gowns, beauty and hair dress services, invitations, flowers, food, music, entertainment, transport, photography, the wedding cake, the honeymoon, etc.


Traditionally weddings are planned six months to a year in advance, but there are many reasons why you may choose to speed up the process. If this is the case Marbella in Style can help you planning, organizing and delivering the perfect wedding event in a very short period of time.

As well, if you need extra help for your wedding day we can offer you one day or one week assistance.

We can help you to put in place any missing elements and try to solve almost any problem related to your big day.


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