Gibraltar Private Tagestour

Gibraltar is a British Territory which belonged to Spain between the years 1501 and 1704, it was captured by a group of Dutch and British forces during the War of the Spanish Succession in 1704. It is located in southern Spain and it has an area of 6.7 km2 where more than 30,000 Gibraltarians enjoy their lives.

Gibraltar had an important role in World War II, it was the perfect place for the British army to have its base for controlling the entrance and exit of the Strait. It is also known that soldiers built long tunnels inside the Rock of Gibraltar, which sheltered hospitals and living areas for the army.

Nowadays Gibraltar has its own constitution which was signed for the last time in 2006, although Gibraltar remain the responsibility of the UK Government.

Guided by our most senior professional tour guide, in this 2.5 guided driving and walking tour you will visit among many other attractions: Europa Point, St Michael Caves and the top of the Rock stopping at Upper Apes Den. You will also have 2-3 hours for shopping or just walking along Main Street.

With this complete tour you will know Gibraltar to the fullest!

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Dauer: 1 Tag
Preis: 90 € pro person


  • 10:00 Pick-up
    Private pick-up by driver at your hotel or address
  • 11:00 Tour of Gibraltar
    2.5-hour guided driving and walking tour of Gibraltar. You will visit:
  1. 100 tonne Gun and Europa Point
  2. Europa Point
  3. 100 Tonne Gun
  4. St Michaels Cave
  5. Top of the Rock (stopping at Upper Apes Den)
  6. Great Siege Tunnels
  7. Moorish Castle
  • 13:30 Shopping time
    You will have 2-3 hours for shopping or just walking along the Main Street
  • 18:00 Drop-off
    You will be driven back to the door of your home or hotel.


  • Private 2,5 hours guided tour of Gibraltar

Not Included

  • Transportation to/from Gibraltar (+275€)
  • Food and drinks
  • Gratuities

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