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Marbella in-Style is proud of delivering spectacular, colourful and tasteful experiences regarding mobile cocktail bar hire in Marbella and the Costa del Sol. Our team is composed of bartenders and mixologists that have broad experience in bar catering services in Marbella and a strong ability and expertise in delivering creative and top-quality service for any party or event in Costa del Sol.

There is a large list with hundreds of customers we have worked with since 2008. Each event is different from the other although, we always follow the same pattern which is to work together with our customers, meeting their needs and striving to achieve an event that exceeds their expectations. According to your needs, our cocktail bar hire service runs smoothly and in the most efficient way.

From weddings to themed parties, private parties, corporate events, yacht and boat parties; our bartenders are practiced in delivering their expertise in all of these bespoke occasions and more.

Make your party or event stand out from the rest with a fun, natural and creative flair, creating an even more stunning event.

We have different options available regarding mobile cocktail bar hire in Marbella:

Art: Gastronomie

Wedding Cocktail bar

For this unique day our wedding cocktail bar service make sure that your guests receive the most delicious drinks and top quality cocktails using fresh ingredients delivered by our charming staff of bartenders highly skilled both in flair and mixology.

We strive to impress your guests with an open bar where they can enjoy amazing drinks and cocktails. They will sip delicious cocktails on a captivating beachside terrace or enjoy them in a friendly and cosy atmosphere. Cocktails come in an array of shapes and colors. Our experienced team of bartenders have prepared a menu containing some of the following cocktails: Singapore Sling, French 75, Dark `n`Stormy, Tequila Sunrise, Champagne Cocktail, Caipirinha, Daiquiri, Mojito, Sidecar and Cosmopolitan among many others.

Upon your request our creative team of mixologists will make your taste buds experience incredible full-flavoured sensations.

Personalized Cocktail bar

Our team of designers and creators can customize any cocktail bar depending on the type of event, location and tastes of each customer.

Available for you to choose from are, a whole bunch of different bar sizes, materials shapes and full aesthetics including custom made letters with top-quality materials.

Some of the most popular are: stainless steel and light mobile bars, corporate bars with your corporate image, circular bars and LED bars.

When it comes to personalized mobile cocktail bars and experienced mixologists our experienced team work seamlessly with you to devise the best package that suit your private party. We make sure to deliver an outstanding service that will turn your event into a complete success.

Corporate Cocktail bar

Marbella in-Style has delivered various exceptional corporate events such as: product launches, business dinners, trade fairs, etc. Regardless of the type of event, our team of creators and designers help you to design an amazing cocktail experience for your corporate event.

Our team work with you to first understand your preferences, then to create an atmosphere and drinks menu that ensures everything goes smoothly.

Upon your request we also deliver cocktail bars for outdoor events and yachts or boats parties.


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