Marbella has a glorious history in setting-up the best and the most exquisite parties since 1960s. So when organising a party today, we are not speaking only about planning, but also about being creative. Our talented and professional team of Event Planners from Marbella in Style will make you ideas come true. We will make our best efforts to theme your party with an unique flare following your requirements.

One of the most descriptive examples is a Great Gatsby Theme Party that we have created for our client. It was a birthday celebration and the client wanted to have the greatest party ever so the choice of the “Roaring twenties” was evident. The Gatsby Theme Party is the perfect one for those who like the extravagance and dressing like Al Capone!

The venue for this event was a luxury villa in East of Marbella, where the client stayed with his family. For the ground transportation we provided a minibus. Our priority was the convenience of guests while getting to and from the party.  

To create a truly authentic atmosphere of the roaring twenties we have decorated the interiors of the house, set up tables with the finest glassware and cutlery along with the glamorous elements like flowers, decorative feathers and crystals. There was a singer and a jazz band playing music to empathise the atmosphere. Every detail that could contribute to design an ambience was carefully taken into consideration.

A special touch to the party was given by the personalised bar and theme uniformed waiters. We have elaborated a personalised cocktail menu to match the main theme of years 20s:  Long Island Iced Tea, Cosmopolitan, Passion Punch, etc. A dinner was a formal one and every guest was served individually, our Private Chef has developed to perfection the menu to suit the main theme.

Go back to the golden twenties with your own Great Gatsby Theme Party in Marbella!