discover amazing ronda valley

“In vino veritas” – in wine there is truth – this is probably one of the most famous sayings of old latin origin. And you could hardly deny the importance of the role of wine in the history… and nowadays as well. For a long time the production of wine was considered as an industry, but times and minds have changed and now it is seen as combination of passion and desire to follow the traditions, as well as an aspiration to improve.

Today you may find different wine tours all around the world and in Spain in particular. But what makes the difference? What makes our wine tours of Ronda to be unique?

The romantic city

First, the city of Ronda is by itself a truly unique place. Although it is situated only 50 km away from the coastline of Marbella you can find it surprisingly well hidden in the mountains. The city of Ronda is located in the Serranía de Ronda (mountains of Ronda) that communicates to it some peculiarities in terms of climate.

The mountains from one side and the wide valleys of the fertile soils on the other, relatively warm winters and not too hot summers contribute to Ronda`s exceptional nature. The terroir of Ronda, which is the combination of such natural characteristics as soil composition, wind rose, water bodies, etc., is extremely favorable for the cultivation of red grape varieties.

Ronda’s wine history

The tradition of viticulture in Ronda counts more than just a couple of centuries, the first mentionings are dated of Rome Empire era and it went along all the historical and cultural changes of the society so today we continue to enjoy the exceptional wines of this region. You might not believe but there were dark times for the viniculture of Ronda as well. At the end of 19thcentury all the vineyards were eradicated by phylloxera (insect-pest) and at the beginning of the 20thcentury the viticulture was restored by the enthusiastic winemakers. The passion about what they do contributes on a daily basis to the final result which is wine of a very high quality and unforgettable taste.

Today there are 22 Bodegas (vineyards) in Ronda and mostly all of them are family owned. Most of these bodegas are focused on organic production, that means they follow traditional methods of cultivation and production of wine avoiding any industrial chemicals.

Wine Tour in Ronda

If you already feel passionate about trying the finest wines of the region, Marbella In-Style invites you to an unforgettable journey through the valley of Ronda. Let´s go for a ride! Our Private Wine Tour is the ultimate way to discover the world famous wine region of the stunning Ronda Valley.

Our Personal Chauffeur and english-speaking guide will pick you up at your hotel or residence in a luxury luxury minivan (6 pax), minibus (22 pax) or bus (max 54 pax) and drive you in-style to Ronda.

Before arriving to the first winery we will make a stop by a road ‘Venta’ (inn by the road-side) for a typical mountain breakfast. You will discover what a shepherd breakfast consist of. A piece of advice do not eat much before the tour.

wine tasting in ronda

Once the breakfast is finished it will be time to head to the winery. During your private visit to the vineyard you will be guided by an expert wine tour host. You will learn about the history of the winery, the varieties they cultivate and the processes involved in wine elaboration.

You will also have the opportunity to enjoy a private wine tasting, guided by an expert sommelier. Open your five senses and learn about the four stages of wine tasting:

  • Appearance…
  • “In glass” the aroma of wine…
  • “In mouth” sensations…
  • Finish…

Guided by the winery expert sommelier in one of the best vineyards of Ronda, you will be able to establish the properties of each of the wines:

  • Complexity and character…
  • Potential (suitability for aging or drinking)
  • Possible faults

During the wine tasting you will also taste typical Spanish tapas to marriage the wine, i.e.: cured ham, cured cheese, etc.

And please don’t be mistaken that Ronda is only about drinking wine. Ronda is considered to be one of the oldest cities not only in Andalucía but in Spain. You will enjoy a guided walking tour in the old town of Ronda. Admire the sights over the valley, the impressive ‘New Bridge’ (Puente Nuevo, built in 1740), and the bullfight arena, one of the oldest in the world and supposed to be where the modern bullfighting was born.

fantastic puente viejo ronda

After getting familiar with the history of Ronda let’s get back on track and head back to the Valley where the second winery awaits. You will visit the plantation and production facilities of a small winery and learn the differences about varieties like Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah, or Merlot, and how they are cultivated. Afterwards you will taste their white and red wines together with a typical Andalusian feast, cooked and served by the winery owners.

After lunch your personal chauffeur will drive you back to your hotel or residence in Marbella.